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COVID-19 Updates and FAQ


Starting June 10, 2021, we move into Stage 2.  Please click the PDF on the right hand side to familiarize yourself with the updated CBTL rider protocols.

Some restrictions will still apply including social distancing in the infield.

The main progression starting June 10 is that we are allowing group riding and will allow holds (recommend holder wear mask).

We will continue to work towards a return to normal activities including motor pacing, Thursday race nights, and coached nights.  As we adjust our protocols, more information will be posted here.

The following CBTL programming, while not currently available, will return soon:

  • Try the Track
  • Thursday Night Racing
  • Coached Nights

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will there be any track racing at the Glenmore Velodrome in 2021?

A. At present no, but as things improve and as AHS guidelines allow this type of activity, we will offer as soon as we can.

Q. Will there be Coached Sessions at the Glenmore Velodrome?

A. At present no, but as things improve and as AHS guidelines allow this type of activity, we will offer as soon as we can.

Q. Will restrictions be eased over time?

A. As the health organizations and governing bodies learn more about the pandemic there is the possibility that restrictions may be eased in the future.

Q. What if someone does not follow the protocols?

A. There will be one warning to comply, if the rider chooses to continue without following protocols and Track Staff instructions they will be asked to leave.

Q. Will bike storage containers be open?

A. Members will be allowed to store their bikes and can only enter the storage container one members at a time. 

Q. Are rental bikes available?

A. Yes, we will offer use of CBTL bikes. You can request one from a staff member when you arrive at the track. The staff will sanitize and bring the bike to you. At the end of your session you are to bring the bike to the staff to sanitize and return to storage. 

Q. Will the gate be closed at the beginning of the sessions?

A. No, you may come and leave any time during your booked session.  We learned in 2020 that keeping the gate open allows for less congregating a better adherence to social distancing.

Q. Are coaches included in the total number of people allowed at the velodrome?

A. Yes, coaches will be taken into account alongside riders and Track Staff when determining the total number of people allowed.

Q. Can we hang out in the parking lot before and after our session?

A. No, congregating in the parking lot is not supported.

Q. How will social distancing be supported while I'm at the velodrome? 

A. Riders will be assigned individualized pits and all riders must maintain a distance of at least 2 meters at all times.  If you cannot physically distance, please mask up during those time.